This is my attempt at creating a categorized list of console/ncurses programs. If you want to contribute feel free to email me patches or just tell me what to change. The ways you can contribute include but aren't limited to: new programs for the list, new categories, moving something to the appropriate category, and so on and so forth. My contact info are on my website.

This list is not comprehensive. This list also isn't without errors. Some of the commands might be missing in some packages depending on the distribution.

Currently this list contains 504 links to different programs or packages, enjoy.

The list
The list without commands of each package
Alphabetical list of packages

List of categories

Stuff I won't add to the list

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Other more generic lists of software:

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People who've contributed to this list
The markdown sources for this list

Here are some libraries that you might want to check out if you want to write a cool text-mode application (sorted from oldest to newest):