1. Names

People who think every project is worthy of a 3 letter name and pick one that collides with a name of some existing project. There are plenty of names for everyone so please don't steal them from other people.

2. Native English speakers not knowing how to spell

When Native English speakers say "{should,could,would} of" instead of "{should,could,would}'ve". Another annoying one is "there" instead of "their" or "they're".

The context should be enough to tell these dumb asses what the word is and how to spell it. How many times have YOU seen "could of" without it being followed by "course", how about "would've" followed by a course?

3. Theme days

Longevity day, valentines day, mothers day, fathers day, longevity day, pi day, firetruck day, yellow hats and pink underwear day, list your pet peeves day...

When the .day top level domain is available I will start "come up with new, obscure, annoying and completely pointless days" day. The official domain for that will be comeupwithnewobscureannoyingandcompletelypointlessdays.day.

4. Shit at the root of home

Why does every package manager have a directory at the root of my home? Why can't they just use ~/.local/share? Same for configs, please use ~/.config.

5. Bug trackers that require authentication

If you want people to report bugs for you DO NOT require them to register for your bug tracker. People already have way too many online accounts to keep track of them all and you are just making it worse.

When I report a bug on IRC because the bug tracker requires authentication and I'm told to go to the bug tracker it usually ends in the bug not getting reported and probably never getting fixed.

6. Emojis (Unicode)

They are bloat, make communications more ambiguous and software implementations harder. There are problems with people not seeing all of the characters and they aren't abstract enough for a character set.

Just link files or embed them in some way if you want to use images for communications. There is no need to have this shit in character sets.

7. People who cannot format emails

Fuck anyone who top-posts or doesn't wrap their emails at sane lengths. People who use gmail in particular seem to have some sort of sick urge of sending emails with a mile long lines.

8. The community

Every time I see or hear someone say "the Linux community", "the Black community", "the Hacker community", "the Muslim community" or anything similar I scream internally... sometimes even externally. Ofc someone might have used the first one to refer to the proper community around the kernel, like the mailing lists, but most often it's used to refer to everyone who uses GNU+Linux.

These groups aren't a single homogeneous community. Each of them comprises of many small communities, each with different norms and views. Some GNU+Linux communities believe in free software, some just want to game, some despise SystemD, some just want to rice so on and so forth. They aren't a single community.

9. Pedantic definitions

Fuck people who derail conversations just because they get hung up on either a minor error in a definition or the term having etymology that doesn't fit it. Language doesn't have to be perfect, only good enough that all parties understand the discussion.

10. People who've never seen CP telling me what it's like

If you admit that you've never seen child pornography then why the fuck are you trying to tell me what it's like? I have seen a lot of it, I know what it's like and what people like this are describing doesn't fit a large portion of it. If you want to argue about what kind of child pornography is the most common or other stuff like that then do some research and watch it first.

11. No hyperlinks to subjects talked about in audio shows

So this pet peeve basically has to do with podcast style shows. Often people or subjects discussed have either complex or weirdly spelled names that are very difficult to get right. Often you also cannot find anything about the person or a subject if you misspell it even slightly. This is especially annoying when the name is only mentioned once in full and even that is completely slurred.

12. Not invented here

I'm not as annoyed by this when it's different operating systems or such thinking they know a better way to do something. What really annoys me is when programming language nutjobs think they can do better job at packaging than distros and come up with their own incompatible and offensively bad packaging definitions, scripts, formats and managing. But it doesn't stop at packaging, they also have to reinvent absolutely everything else as well, and it's always orders of magnitude worse than the more general solutions that existed before, but the reason those can't be used is that they aren't written in the language they want to use.

At try to be better than our predecessors when you reinvent something for fucks sakes.