This is a page for random scripts that I wrote and use. If you think they are bad then send me an email telling me why.


This generates my whole webpage, it's quite simple but saves me a lot of time. It just compiles markdown files into html using the markdown tool that's in most repos and then concatenates them with the html header and footer that it finds.


I made this because I wanted to display certain fields from some text files. There are probably better tools for this but was too much of a bother to look for them.


I'm a lazy bum and can't be bothered to actually sort through my download directories so I just run this on them every now and then. The script just makes directories for mimetypes and moves stuff to them.

gen-cli-list && split-list

These just generate the CLI list. I can't into perl so I dunno why I used it but since it works I don't really care either.